How It Started

Happy Project was the birth of my Father's sudden death on 28 Aug 2021.

We have never talked about these kinds of questions:

What do I want after I die?

In the event that I am put on life support, what options on my life can I still have?

What kind of funeral do I want to have?

Where shall be my final resting place?

How many days should my funeral be?

What should my assets be distributed?

What about my personal items?

Which photo to use at the wake?

So many questions...

I could only look at my dad from the hospital window as there was Covid-19 visitor restrictions, and I am not able to be by his side. He was placed on life support and we came to a point where there has to be a decision to remove it.

The truth is, I was scared and I was not sure if I made the decision to remove the life support, if I will live in guilt for the rest of my life.

Thankfully, my Father loved me too much and made (in advance) that decision for me.

This is a community project that for the community. We want to use photographs to tell stories.

With Love & Gratitude
Jennifer Lim PN


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Plan Well to Leave Well

Read the views of Jennifer and two other Singapore Hospice Council Volunteers on why end-of-life care planning matters.

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